Studying Math

Earlier this week, I watched Steve Yegge’s talk at OSCON Data 2011 titled “What Would You Do With Your Own Google?“. In it, he mentions that programmers who really want to change the world should bother working on projects for more cat photos and that we need to learn more math. The video is full of good points, so you really should give it a viewing.

Now, the learning more math thing is something he has been harping on for years. Back in 2006, he wrote an article called Math for Programmers where he goes into the kinds of math that programmers need to learn (obviously) as well as his reasoning behind it. Watching the Video and then re-reading the article has made me want to bolster my own math education. (Geof had nothing to do with this). So, I am spending 30–60 minutes a day hitting the books with Concrete Mathematics and Information Theory. I do not really have any goals for my studies other than it is fun and will maybe make me a better software engineer and researcher in the long run.

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