New iPhone means new videos

Since Ashley and I have gotten new iPhones, I have been playing around with the still and video camera on the iPhone 4S. I think that the photo quality is very good — in fact, it is better than our old point-and-shoot Kodak camera that we bought when we finished graduate school. I am having the most fun the video camera, though. When Emily was born, Ashley and I bought a hand-held video camera but, like the point-and-shoot, the quality was not great and I rarely had it on me. With the video functionality in my phone, I am more likely to use it.

A few weeks ago, we went to Bridge Street to walk around on a Friday night, when the bands are out playing. Since Emily loves to dance, she just had to show off her moves.

Then, over Thanksgiving, Emily got together with her cousin Colin and had a good time playing at the park. I took some video and stitched together a couple of clips and still shots into this little movie.

One thought on “New iPhone means new videos

  1. I have to say that looked like a lot of fun! Now, if you could figure out how to capture some of Em’s energy, you could make a bundle! I’d be first in line.????
    The new IPhone4S looks like it would be fun too. I’d be playing around with it too! Hope your Thanksgiving was good. Love y’all!

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