The Neverending Story

As an adult, I cannot believe I have never read this endearing book that was the inspiration for one of my favorite movies as a child. The Neverending Story, by Michael Ende, goes far beyond the plot of the movie, whose end occurs around half-way through the book. The book is much darker than the movie ever thought about being. I have had a hard time deciding how much to talk about here; on one hand, the English translation of the book is 29 years old. On the other hand, how many of my contemporaries have actually read the book versus just thinking they know the story since they have seen the movie?

In the book, Ende covers the nature of the Nothing, what happens to the Fantasticans (I actually like the name Fantasians much better) when they are taken by the Nothing, and how the Nothing affects the real world. The scene with Gmork, where all of this is explained, could not be more different than it was in the movie since the brief spurt of action found in the movie is not present. Once Ende gets beyond the end of the movie, he starts to explore the idea of what happens when you allow yourself to get too wrapped up in fantasy and who you wish you can be and begin to forget who you really are.

if you loved The Neverending Story as a child, I highly recommend reading this book as an adult. Be prepared for your conception of Fantasia to be forever altered, though.